Calendar 2018-2019


  • Group Project
    • M797 Group Project I: Communication skills, creative techniques and teamwork in companies
    • M798 Group Project II: Presentation and marketing skills. Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

  • Research and advances in construction
    • M1950 Research and advances in construction I: Sources of information, referencing and research structures
    • M1951 Research and advances in construction II: Research funding, intellectual property and experiments
    • M1952 Research and advances in construction III: Innovative construction materials and Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)
    • M1953 Research and advances in construction IV: Building Information Modeling (BIM) and research challenges

  • Design and Sustainability
    • M803 Design and Sustainability I: Sustainable design and management
    • M804 Design and Sustainability II: Design of installations and energy supply
    • M805 Design and Sustainability III: Sustainability of buildings
    • M806 Design and Sustainability IV: Building refurbishment: a way to a sustainable future

  • Management Systems
    • M811 Management Systems I: Quality and health and safety management
    • M812 Management Systems II: Environmental management
    • M813 Management Systems III: Economic management
    • M814 Management Systems IV: Project and risk management

  • Construction and Procurement
    • M807 Construction and Procurement I: Project aims, phases, stakeholders and utilization processes
    • M808 Construction and Procurement II: Construction planning: BIM, Virtual Reality and Site Modelling
    • M809 Construction and Procurement III: Tendering, procurement, partnering and contingencies
    • M810 Construction and Procurement IV: Construction site logistics: selection and production of machinery

  • M1954 External Practices

  • M1955 Final Dissertation

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Member of the CIVVIH

Juan A. García-Esparza, senior lecturer at Universitat Jaume I (UJI) and Academic Chair of the Historic Centres and Cultural Routes of Castellón, has been appointed member of the International Committee on Historic Towns and Villages (CIVVIH), working committee specialised in historic cities and towns of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS).

Building engineer by the Universitat Politècnica de València, Master in Cultural Heritage by the Universitat de València (2007-2008) and PhD. in Cultural Heritage (2011) by the same institution, the researcher has taken part in numerous research projects related with Architectural Heritage and the Energy Retrofit of buildings. From the results of some of the research projects and contracts he has directed, several papers of high indexation have been published, a patent has been obtained (2013) and a national prize has been awarded (2015).

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